When is the best time to visit?

We are often asked this question and we think that the answer depends on where your interests lie.
When our tours start in February we are pruning and training the vines. For keen gardeners it can be fascinating to learn how it's done. In April 'bud burst' begins, when the leaves start to appear on the vines and the vineyard looks fresh and green. At the end of June the vines are in flower and by the end of August the vines are up over your head and grapes are starting to colour. Harvest is from the middle of October and in November the winery is full of fermenting wine bubbling away.
Throughout the year there is always something interesting to learn about in the vineyard and the winery and of course there's wine tasting all year round.

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Recent Awards

Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Competition: Gold Medal 2014 International Wine Challenge Tropy Winner Effervescents du Monde - Gold in 2013 Decanter - Bronze in 2011